De Wolf mobile app

July 20, 2021 / 5 min read

Last updated: August 16, 2021

De Wolf is an event located in Limburg, Belgium. During this event hundreds of people will play a team based game. Players will interact with their environment, guided by a mobile application to smoothen the process and to make it more fun. That is the purpose of the application we will be describing in this post.

In the following sections a detailed explanation will be given for understanding all of the features the application offers.

For the event, players will have to be registered and they have to be part of a team. Players will have the choice to either make a new team or join an existing team. This will happen through the app, where it will ask you for all the details necessary. When a player wants to join a team, they will need fill in the team's code word. People in a team can share this code word with whoever they want in the team until it is full. And of course when creating a team the player will have to fill in the team name.

After a successful registration players can login with their credentials which will be checked by the backend services. The user will be redirected to the missions page after login.

Logged in players will be able to see all of the missions they will have to complete. A mission consists of multiple questions which the team will have to answer. Usually this involves some interaction with their environment.

The app will communicate with API services who will provide all of the data concerning missions and their questions. When a mission is selected, the questions contained within that mission will be displayed. And when a question is selected the player will be able to answer it. Depending on the type of question, a different page will be displayed. Let's say you have a question where a user has to watch a video, then ofcourse a video will be displayed. And if for example the type of answer is 1 correct answer out of 3 options, then 3 radio buttons will be displayed. In other words the question pages vary greatly depending on the data received from the API. This makes it easy for the game makers or admins when they make a list of questions and answers. As no matter what kind of combination of questions and answers they come up with, the application's question pages will adjust accordingly.

When a team performs well they might get bonus points. This will be possible by navigating to the voucher scanner and scanning the voucher received from a mentor.

Players will be able to navigate to certain missions by using the map inside of the app. When selecting a mission the map will lead them to the mission.